Hier ein interessantes Beispiel der Anwendung von Sonifikation zur Kontrolle eigener Körperhaltungen und -Bewegungen



PoZi: Sonic Posture Awareness
Stephen Barrass

1pm – 2.30pm,
17th November 2014,
UC-RISE Theatrette
Research Institute for Sports and Exercise
University of Canberra

Wearable sensors are increasingly used in sports, health, fitness, training and rehabilitation. Usually the data from the sensor is collected and analysed after a session. The use of this analysis to improve performance in the next session requires communication, mental processing, memory and attention. In this seminar I propose that the ability to listen to sensor data in realtime during a session could enable faster and more long lasting improvements.

This seminar will introduce Pozi, which is a wearable device designed to sonify data about body posture in realtime. The capability to hear the sensor data closes the loop between action and perception, enabling a sensorimotor approach that positions learning in the moment. The development of Pozi was motivated and guided by observations made while on Outside…

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